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About the Labs

Aquatic Ecology Lab Personnel

The Aquatic Ecology Laboratories are located in the Environmental Education, Science & Technology Building. The laboratory, part of the Department of Biological Sciences, is associated with the Institute of Applied Sciences and is under the direction of Dr. James H. Kennedy. Our research includes both basic and applied ecology projects and focuses on five areas: stream ecology, aquatic insect biology, biodiversity studies, the use of macroinvertebrates in the ecological risk assessment process and environmental education. This research is conducted in a diverse range of aquatic ecosystems that include springs, wetlands, streams, rivers and impoundments. The laboratory has hosted workshops, and routinely provides support to the UNT Elm Fork Education Program, and the Lake Lewisville Education Learning Area).


  • To provide opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to study and conduct research in freshwater ecology, especially as it relates to ecology of aquatic invertebrates, stream/river ecology, and aquatic field ecotoxicology.
  • To provide logistical and technical support for UNT faculty and other institutions engaged in aquatic studies.
  • To foster interaction between UNT and the citizens of the metroplex area that promotes a better awareness and appreciation of biodiversity and conservation issues in North Texas, especially as they relate to water issues.


We are currently seeking student lab assistants to process biological field samples.

Contact Us

Phone: 940-565-2981
Email: kennedy@unt.edu