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Undergraduate Students

Desiree E. Main

Desiree MainI started college as an art student, with the intent of becoming a high school art teacher.  It wasn’t until I became and avid rock climber that I developed a deeper appreciation for the great outdoors.  On my rock climbing expeditions, I found that I was not only interested in nature’s art but also in the way that all of nature’s organisms play a role in their ecosystem.  I became especially fascinated with insects.  I decided that Ecology was my true calling and rerouted my career path in school.  Although I still plan on finishing my art degree, I am currently working on my BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  I started working for Dr. Kennedy in his benthic ecology lab following his course in Aquatic Insects of North America.  I currently assist the monitoring of West Nile virus through mosquito surveillance in the City of Denton.  I am also a lab assistant manager for the DFW International Airport bioassessment project.  I have many interests ranging from the endemic aquatic species found in desert ecosystems, to predator prey interactions in the aquatic ecosystems found in the spring-fed watersheds of the Ozark mountains of Arkansas.  I plan to attend graduate school at UNT with Dr. Kennedy as my major advisor and continue further research in these areas.  Although I have not decided on an ultimate career, teaching others will certainly be one component of my future.

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Marcos Diosdado

  • B.S. Biology (in progress) University of North Texas
    Denton, Texas

Undergraduate student and research assistant


I was born in Houston and raised in Los Patios (municipio de Valle de Santiago), Guanajuato, Mexico. My interest with insects started when I enrolled for the aquatic insects class. However, I still have insects that I placed into isopropyl alcohol in 1987 (I was eight at the time).

Since completing the aquatic insects class, I have also completed the introduction to insects and stream ecology classes. I am also working in Dr. Kennedy’s lab and enjoy sorting samples. I am working on my undergraduate degree and hope to graduate soon and eventually return for graduate school.

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We are currently seeking student lab assistants to process biological field samples.

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