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Graduate Students

Benjamin Lundeen


  • B.S. Biology, University of North Texas, 2006
  • Ph.D. candidate, Biology, Advisor: Dr. James H. Kennedy

Benjamin LundeenI came to UNT as a Biology undergraduate in 2005 and was instantly drawn to the benthic ecology laboratory due to my love for the outdoors. Some may say I was born into it, spending weekends and summers hunting and fishing with my father on beautiful streams and lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The enjoyment I get from being outside has inspired my research interests in the field of stream ecology. Starting as an undergraduate in Dr. Kennedy’s benthic ecology lab, I completed my undergraduate thesis and have continued in the lab as a PhD student. My current research deals with discovering how native and invasive freshwater mussels may be used in determining monitoring water quality and distribution of both emerging and legacy contaminants. My research has continued to accumulate new aspects of study due to my passion of biology, ecology and chemistry, and I hope to “bioaccumulate” as much knowledge as possible during my remaining time on this campus.



We are currently seeking student lab assistants to process biological field samples.

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