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Graduate Students

Heather L. Krell


  • B.S. Biology University of North Texas
  • M.A. student, Biology, University of North Texas, Advisor: Dr. James H. Kennedy

Heather KrellHaving grown up in a suburb of Dallas, my contact with the natural world was limited to experiences in my backyard, the surrounding neighborhood, and family camping trips. Aside from picking flowers from the neighbors’ gardens and making mud pies, I have fond memories of bringing home tadpoles and crawfish from the creeks near my house. I also had a knack for adopting every stray cat that roamed the streets. My science experiences in high school were far from interesting with the football coach as my instructor. My love of nature and curiosity about science was temporarily shelved. I rekindled this interest during my first year at UNT while taking a Seashore Ecology field course in Belize and promptly declared a major in Biological sciences.

I completed my B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and during that time, I had the good fortune of working in Dr Kennedy’s benthic ecology lab on various projects. Additional work experience includes: student research assistant at LAERF, tree survey of Clear Creek Heritage Center, Hickory Creek 319 grant assistance with the City of Denton, and teaching assistant for Plant Biology and Biology for Education majors. I have taken many excellent field courses in entomology and environmental biology, which have inspired me to continue my education at UNT.

I am currently a teaching assistant for Biology for education majors and research assistant for the NTMWD East Fork Monitoring Project. In combination with completing an MA in Biology, I plan to earn a teaching certificate in secondary school life science. My future plans are to teach at either the high school or community college level and/or continue working in the field of watershed protection and environmental monitoring.

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We are currently seeking student lab assistants to process biological field samples.

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