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Julie M. Graham


  • B. S. Biology, University of North Texas, 2004
  • M. S. student, University of North Texas, Major Professor: Dr. J. H. Kennedy

Julie M. GrahamI have always loved animals and nature, but it wasn’t until my junior year in college that I made the connection between my interests and the study of biology. I began college in 1999 at The Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO as a math major. I soon realized that although I enjoyed math I was no longer excited about it, or the career options available to a math major. In the spring of 2001 I transferred to UNT and began taking general biology courses to learn more about the natural world around me.

In May of 2002 I was hired as a summer intern in the laboratory at the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility (LAERF). A year later I was transferred to the biocontrol team and am still there today. Biocontrol focuses on ways to control invasive plants through herbivores and pathogens. My thesis project is a cooperative effort between UNT and LAERF, examining the interaction between invertebrate herbivores and native aquatic macrophytes. After completing school, I would like to continue researching aquatic environments and the many inhabitants of these systems.



We are currently seeking student lab assistants to process biological field samples.

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